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Displaying data using jQuery visualize plugins

Presenting data using number inside tables is unattractive and boring. Now you can fix that using jQuery visualize plugins.

Using this plugins, the data will be transformed into an attractive chart on-the-fly. You don’t need to have a server with image generation capabilities. All chart is drawed directly in your browser by this plugins. This plugins utilize the latest web technology, such as HTML5 and canvas.

Head to the plugins page to read the the complete article see the usage example. After the example section, you can read the plugins ducumentation along with other information, such as browser that support this plugins and where you can download the plugins.

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IDE for Programmers and Developers

As a web developer, I need to use reliable tools to help me in my work. One of mandatory tools to have is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Having a good IDE doesn’t means that it have to be expensives. Desizn tech in one of it’s latest article round up 10 free and usefull IDEL for Programmers and Developers. The list cover application for 3 major OS (Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux).

I myself using Aptana for web development, and Eclipse for learn creating application for Android smartphone. What about you? Is the IDE of your choice is in the list?

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jCoverflip, a jQuery plugins to display cover flow

If you use Apple iTunes, or Mac OSX, you will be familiar with Coverflow feature. Now you can have the similar features in the web page using jCoverflip.jCoverflip is a jQuery plugins that will transform the images in the web page and animated it to mimic the coverflow in Apple’s applications.

jCoverflip claims that it’s easy to installed, either stand-alone or as Drupal module, easy to use, and customizable. Try the demo to see it in action.

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Tools to help you avoid distraction while working

As a freelancer that work from home, I found myself often distracted from doing the work and do something else instead. Not doing work will lead to unsatisfied client, and will lead to financial disaster.

If you have the same problems about distraction at work, there are some tools that will help you work without distraction. Check out the review of 7 free & paid tools by freelancefolder. By knowing each tools’s features, maybe you can choose which tools that you needed most, so you can increase your work’s productivity and avoid distraction while working.

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How to create a usable web form

Form is a vital element in a web page. It’s important to have a useable web form, so the user can use it properly. Noupe’s latest post today is about Tips for Coding and Designing Usable Web Forms. This article cover basic and advance technique to make forms usable and eye catching. This article is a must-read for both web designer and web developer.

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Tools and Resources for Web Designer

If you are a web designer or want to be one, and ever trying to find tools to help your work, this article from noupe can be a good start. The article review 40 valuable tools and web design related resource that you can find in the internet. With the help of good tools, hopefully your productivity will be increased. Read it now.

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5 sites to download in-games music

One of the success key of a great classic games is a superb in-game music. If you find yourself in love with a music from old games you have played in your childhood, now you can search and download it from one of 5 sites that provide it for free. You can download the music from classic games for free.

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Visualizing data using javascript, 20 libraries to do it

In my last project, one of the requirement is to visualize data into a visual diagram. In the past, the available technology is generate it in the server using PHP-GD library, then return the generated images to user. The drawback of this method is that the image usually have large size, and it’s hard to produce beauty diagram.

Nowdays, there are many javascript library that can generate the visual diagram on the fly in the browser. Server side code just need to serve the data that usually more small than serving generated image. To help you finding suitable javascript libraries, SixRevisions just posted an excellent article complete with the example from each library. Check it out now, so you can start using one of it right away in your project / website.

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Digging into WordPress, get it now

WordPress is an interesting web application that can be modified, extended, styled into a numerous possibilities. With all of the advantage of wordpress had built in, specially the SEO, WordPress is a perfect platform to build virtually any website. Many people have create an online shop, gallery, and website for other purpose that don’t resemble a blog site, the original purpose of wordpress.

To help you learn this mighty platform, the duo WordPress veterans, Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, write down their experience, passions, and though into a book, Digging into WordPress. You can get the chapter 3 for free in the book website.

For you that want to get the full book, you can buy it directly by clicking this link. You will be taken into e-junkie where you can buy the book, either PDF version or also get the limited printed edition. The author do all the printing and bundling by themself. A really DIY books that they create with all of their passions.

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CSS Forms Framework – RMSforms

As a web programmer, finding a good css, specially for form elements is a quite a task. Usually I got all the required page design with the css from my client. But sometimes I need a free and good looking for fun and personal project.

Today I found a great CSS Framework for form, called RMSforms. In the post page, the author explain a lot of things behind the form design and provide the example page that can be used as a implementation reference.

The framework is great, and I will definitely used it in my next free projects. Thanks Rob, for making and sharing this nice CSS.

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